I’m gonna be honest: I LOVE the Olympics. Y’all, I am HYPED every two years when the Olympics come around. I will watch every sport, summer or winter, and will be real into it.

Let me be really honest, though: I know very little about Olympics sports. For me, it’s not so much a point of national pride, as it is an understanding of just how big of a deal the Olympics are. For every athlete and every person who supported them on the way to their Olympic dreams. For the potential and what the games could represent. The Olympics are an undeniable example of ambitions becoming reality when you work on your goals day in and day out. Sure, only a select few make it to the podium. Athletes get injured or there is too much wind or the slightest miscalculation results in disqualification. And is it all of these possibilities that make each event all the more thrilling.

This year, though? We have two athletes reppin’ the Philippines. Can you imagine? Winter is non-existent in the Philippines and these two athletes were down AF to learn and train and represent their country on a global stage.

21 year-old Michael Martinez competed in Men’s Single Skating Short Program on February 16.

Source: ABS-CBN news

Somehow, he didn’t find out he would be competing in PyeongChang until a few weeks ago. Kudos to him for leaping at the opportunity and giving it his all.

17-year-old Asa Miller (a Fil-Am from Oregon) will be competing in the Men’s Giant Slalom on February 18.

In an effort to learn more about these athletes, I went down a Google rabbit hole and came across information about Filipinos competing for the Philippines, Filipinos from other countries competing for the Philippines, Filipino-Americans competing for the US, and Filipinos competing for other countries. WOW. The love of sports really does transcend national boundaries. The appreciation and recognition for hard work, dedication, and mastery is beautiful.

I learned there is such thing as the Philippine Ski Federation (this is awesome) and they are scouring snow countries around the world for folks with Philippine lineage who would like to compete on behalf of the Philippines. It looks like there are 6 million Filipinos abroad who live in snow countries. I do wonder what it means to compete for a country you may have no ties to other than ancestry, but I’m also guessing this is a fairly common practice amongst Olympians.

I’ve also gotta shout out Filipino-Americans Hailey Langland and JR Celski competing on behalf of the US. And also the Asian-Americans who are killin’ it! And almost everyone in general because I want to weep happy tears while witnessing this moment in their journeys. And one time for Chloe Kim and her father with his laminated sign. This is what can happen when Asian parents support the non-traditional dreams of their Asian-American children. [Let me be clear: becoming a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or accountant is awesome and I’m not bagging on those who follow these paths. But damn, children really feel the pressure when they grow up in households that view only these types of occupations as worth pursuing.]

We’ve got 9 more days to see these athletes in action!


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