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Meet AC Boral: The Filipino Master Chef of Rice and Shine

Celebrating Filipino Americans in Tech

Where are Filipino Americans in tech? Where is our community in this industry? Did you know that Filipino American Diosdado “Dado” Banatao built essential hardware that powers the silicon chips running on...

Summer Love in the Philippines

when you meet that person. a person. one of your soulmates. let the connection. relationship. be what it is. it may be five minutes. five hours. five days. five months. five...

Say Hello to Kubo’s New Website

This month, we celebrate an important milestone -- our 1 Year Anniversary. As co-founders, we celebrate our growth, and acknowledge that this is still the beginning of our journey to build an online community of Pilipin@ millennials actively working to make their voices heard within the digital sphere.

Who Is The Pilipin@-American Millennial?


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