By Mallory Valenzuela and Conrad Contreras, Co-Founders of Kubo

This month, we celebrate an important milestone — our 1 Year Anniversary. As co-founders, we celebrate our growth, and acknowledge that this is still the beginning of our journey to build an online community of Pilipin@ millennials actively working to make their voices heard within the digital sphere.

Within one year, Kubo has accomplished the following:

Most importantly, we’ve grown our team from 2 team members to 9 team members. This is a team effort, and we are grateful for the following people for entrusting us over the past year:

  • Leo Albea, Video Producer
  • Donnaly Atajar, Editor in Chief
  • Phil Delrosario, Video Producer
  • Nikko Espina, Social Media Manager
  • Maria Lucero, Marketing Manager
  • Janna Macatangay, Video Producer
  • Charmaine Runes, Research Lead

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the next evolution of Kubo – our new website.

New Kubo website screenshot

Our new website reflects the passion that we have for the Filipin@ community. This means we’ve been intentional about our site design. The new website reflects the ways Kubo has grown and makes it easy for readers to engage with the content via social sharing. We also made the decision to partner with Randy and Khristine Tolentino, Filipin@ web designers. We’re committed to supporting Pilipin@ creatives and businesses.

Every day, we see our community engaging with our content and connecting in ways that we didn’t even expect.

This engagement with our readers and contributors tell us that Kubo is a part of something bigger than itself, and that’s what motivates us to build the best platform we can.

We invite you to explore what’s possible on Kubo. Cheers to three hundred and sixty-five days – and counting!


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