We’ve got big dreams. Kubo is a content engine built for Pilipin@s. Inspired by the term Bahay Kubo meaning “cube house,” Kubo is a digital home constructed for us and by us.


A world where Pilipin@s thrive in every aspect of life and feel empowered to create social change.


Celebrate Pilipin@ culture, challenge the status quo, and amplify Pilipin@ voices.


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Meet the Team

Mallory Valenzuela is passionate about tackling the world's most pressing challenges. As the former President of Samahang Pilipino at UCLA and a marketer at Singularity University, she converged her experiences as a student organizer and technologist to create Kubo, a digital hub for Filipin@ millennials. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, meditation, hip hop and r&b, and the Golden State Warriors.
Conrad is a strong advocate of demanding excellence with a get-things-done attitude. With a background in both social change communications and corporate marketing, he leads Kubo’s marketing to expand Kubo’s reach and position it as a go-to-platform for Filipino-Americans. His passion for visibility and storytelling is rooted in his lived experience as a Filipino-American immigrant. Campaigns throughout his career have been featured in L.A. Times, USA Today, CNN, Fortune, and other local media outlets. He is now a customer marketing lead for LinkedIn, managing scaled go-to-market launches for Linkedin’s hiring products.
Charmaine Runes loves telling stories, especially with data. She is currently a research analyst at the Urban Institute and enjoys yoga, climbing, and cooking plant-based meals in her free time. She is a Macalester College graduate and calls Washington, DC, home for now.
Analytical, strategic and creative. I like data, storytelling and creating an impact. When I’m not in the office, I like to cook, hike and spend time with loved ones.
Jeremy Monton has spent most of his career in digital marketing. He volunteers mostly working with youth, and wants to empower younger Filipino-Americans to be their best. In his free time, Jeremy loves to participate in obstacle course races, try new restaurants, and attend concerts.

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