By Kristine Isidro

Like so many, my exercise routine went from 100 to 0 after leaving behind the structure of PE classes and after-school sports. Don’t get me wrong I would make it out to the gym, but being thrust into adulthood meant navigating unfamiliar territory. This idea of owning your health, wellness, and self-care being one of them.

Enter these Pilipina-Americans. A source of inspiration and accountability — I didn’t realize how much I needed someone that looked like me and were highlighting issues I could relate to.

Taking a stake and carving out a space for usit’s time they get the shine they deserve.

Here are 7 to follow who are sharing how they approach fitness, embrace health into their daily, and how you can incorporate wellness in your life.

Samantha Jo Alonso

Source: Sammy Jo Alonso

Samantha represents the modern day entrepreneurial Pin@y using faith, fashion, and fitness as a catalyst to serve and uplift others. Founder of the non-profit Mission I’mPOSSIBLE, she’s using her platform to reframe limitations. What started as a solo journey has grown to 10 chapters nationwide and with a vision and passion towards life’s RUNway, she inspires us to be our best selves yet.


Mae Celestial

Source: @_maeeee

If you need some inspo, head over to Mae’s IG now. Come for the morning mantras and easy smoothie recipes — stay for #thingsthatcomeinthemail. Mae’s content is on point and her captions leave you feeling inspired with intentionality and purpose. Take this: “It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle. Not to feel good in a dress, but to feel good in my skin.” Yassss. Her holistic approach to fitness and cultivating balance is one to take note of.


Melissa Cay Genove

Source: Mellie Cay

In a dark place and wanting to take control of her life, Melissa started running. Fast forward 3 years, she’s conquered 20 half-marathons, became a yoga and spin instructor, starred in workout inspired Super Bowl commercial, and just got tapped as an Adidas Ambassador (with fellow WOC — Diana K Mireles)! Phew. Her #transformationtuesday is one from within and she urges that though these changes — physical and mental — don’t come overnight, it started with the single decision to change.


Anna Bediones

Source: Finish Line

Known as @AtotheBed, Anna’s roots are in sneaker culture; she seamlessly mixes its inherent relationship with fitness and sport, more specifically, basketball. She most recently worked with Nike for Air Max Day, bringing to life the Sneakeasy interactive exhibit. And though not your traditional fitness blogger, if that at all, she’s putting Pilipin@s on the map with her own take on style and wellness.


Leanna Carr

Source: Juggernaut Training Systems

A respected voice in a male-dominated industry, power-lifter and figure competitor Leanna challenges societal norms with female empowerment in mind. Last year, she took on the subject of balancing fitness goals with female reproductive health and continues to marquee the mental and self-worth experience in the strength sports world. Applying betterment not only physically but to all aspects of life — get it!


Michelle Carigma

Source: macarigma

An early adopter of fashion in fitness put @_modernfit on the radar. Since then, she’s established relationships with several brands, most notably, Finish Line and Adidas. Michelle, however, recently shared her struggles with anxiety and how her previous notions of health were challenged. An advocate for defying the status-quo, she’s encouraging her followers to take one’s mental health as seriously as their physical health. So necessary!


Morgan Jaldon

Source: Zova

Morgan’s turning point began 4 years ago in a fitting room. Disappointed with her body image and needing to practice self-love, she began running. With 19 marathons and 2 ultra races under her belt, she now motivates her thousands of followers to do the same — raising funds along the way. She views her body as a home, one that needs nurturing. “I do [this] because I don’t hate my body, I love it.” Couldn’t have said it better sis.


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